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In a consumer driven environment banks are faced with the challenge of improving agility and growth - enabling a faster time to market to meet the customer's growing demand for new services. "Core Renewal" plays a vital role in a bank’s efforts to meet this challenge.

While Core Renewal covers a wide scope, the focus of most renewal projects is to streamline back office systems and processes. Apart from the cost savings of improving back office efficiency this process equips the bank to deliver differentiated products and services to customers more effectively and maximize on growth opportunities.

There are three strategies a bank can adopt for Core Renewal based on their circumstances:
  • Enhance : When market drivers trigger a need for new functionality that can be incorporated without major changes to the existing core system the bank can deploy these new services with integration to the existing back end.
  • Complement : When an existing section of the core infrastructure is not performing to the required levels and becomes costly to manage and maintain banks can replace this part of the system with a new solution.
  • Upgrade : If the existing core system can no longer meet a banks needs, enhancements turn out to be prohibitively expensive and complicated, and on-going management and maintenance is expensive and complicated, the most viable solution is often to upgrade the system in its entirety.

Synapsys offers Banks a comprehensive range of services to meet their core renewal needs, download our Core Renewal brochure or contact us for more information.

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